Foods to pair with coffee

Foods to pair with coffee

Many people who like to drink coffee in the evening also love to have different snacks with that. People usually do not like to drink coffee alone without any snack that is why most of the shops for specialty coffee in Dubai have a wide variety of snacks to offer to their customers. However you can enjoy your cup of coffee alone too. People often leave their house without eating their breakfast and then stop by any coffee shop to get their cup of coffee and something light to eat with it. If you are a person who cannot take coffee alone then this article is totally for you as you will get to know that what kinds of snack you can get with you coffee so read below:

Coffee cake: It is a different cake than the regular one also you will have to get only a slice of the entire cake when you order a single cake because it is served in that way. It is less sweet than the regular cake and also it does not have heavy cream toppings on top of it rather it has runny chocolate syrup or caramel syrup poured above of it according to your choice.

Donut: People usually love to eat donut because of their soft and fluffy taste but with coffee its importance increased a lot. Some shops are offering cake donut with the drink of coffee beans Dubai. These donuts taste like the old fashioned cake but they look like donut without the topping of sugary material to reduce the sweetness of donuts.

Muffins: They are another important type of snack that people will usually get to eat with their coffee. Muffins are kind of cake made in small round paper cups. They usually taste like the cake but without any cream toppings above that. You can take them white or bran as you like according to your taste. These muffins have different kinds of ingredients in them like they can have small chocolate ships in them or coconut chunks to enhance the flavor of your muffin. There are also many kinds of fruits that can be added to muffin batter these fruits include pine apple, different kinds of berries and also apple can be added to them.