An overview of the voice over industry

An overview of the voice over industry

Voice over is a discrete niche within the entertainment and audio recording industries. See here now to read a few other terms that are related to voice over industry include:

Voice Actors

A voice actor produces the creative vocal work, recorded and used for a variety of applications like commercials for radio, television, telephone, podcasts, video games etc. They use their voice and mastery of it, to infuse life into the written words. Voice actors are also known as voice talents, voice overs, voice over artists, VO, VA, narrators, announcers, and so on.

Voice Over Coaches and Instructors

A voice over coach or instructor could be a teacher of voice, voice acting, or one who possesses an extensive practical experience working as a professional voice actor. They are trained to educate or often associated with beginning voice actors or those who are seeking to enrich or expand their voice over abilities via private coaching or workshops.

Audio Engineers and Producers

An audio engineer is highly skilled in the field of audio production, including recording, editing, mixing and mastering. An audio engineer is usually employed by recording studio or can be a freelance producer working independently, running their own production studio.

Voice Over Agents and Talent Agencies

A voice over agent promotes and represents a voice actor, presenting their voice over work for consideration for a suitable job. An agent can be independent or part of a talent agency that employs people to build a brand and manage a variety of talent, not just voice actors. Agents take a commission on the work they acquire for their voice actor clients, this could on top of what the voice actor makes or taken from the earnings directly.

Voice Over Marketplaces

A voice over marketplace is typically based online, where voice actors feature their voices and audition for job opportunities to obtain voice over work. Marketplace implies portals that connect buyers and sellers. Voice over marketplaces serve both the buyer and seller, and also facilitate communications and/or transactions between the two.

These are just a few terms related to Voice over industry, if you wish to find more about Dubai voice over search the internet.